Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dragonfly Steampunk Earrings

So as I mentioned yesterday, I was going to post some of my steampunk earrings. First there are these beautiful little dragonflies! As far as a set goes, they are nearly a perfect match. I'll be selling these on etsy soon.

the next pair of my steampunk earrings are quite a bit different. Here i've chosen balance wheels. What's a Balance wheel you might ask? They are the tiny wheels - weighted wheels that rotate back and forth in a watch. Each swing of the wheel makes the 'tick' in the ticktock of your clock. They've been in use since the 14C.

Above you can see two common types of balance wheels: the ones with teeth are on the bottom.
I've made a few pair of these earrings - though finding a matching pair of balance wheels can be so tricky! Every one is a bit unique though. In the above ones I've used amethyst... but on my flickr you can see some with faceted amethyst beads.

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