Tuesday, February 26, 2008

steampunk jewelry: The Bee Necklace

So this steampunk jewelry sometimes takes an age to make. This piece though was well worth the effort and time. It's one of the Steampunk Insects: a steampunk necklace.
I've decided to call her:
The Bee Queen's Necklace

I've posted her up on my Clockwork Zero flickr account.

She is a lot more silver than she shows here. something was warm in the light when I took this shot.

anyway, the bee is sterling and she has gears, screws and a watch hand for detail. Dangling from the sides of the moon-like pieces are 2 little sterling silver spiders.

I've also been making steampunk earrings. more on those later.


MarysMadness said...

I love steampunk jewelry!!!

I have a google alert for steampunk. It has brought me here a couple of times. I love your jewelry.

I want to write a blurb about steampunk. I will link to your flickr if that's okay. What is your brief definition of steampunk?

Thanks, MarysMadness

MarysMadness said...

my email is marysmadness2004@yahoo.com

Clockwork Zero said...

Hi MarysMadness, a pleasure to meet you. I certainly would be honored to be mentioned in your blurb.

Please feel free to link to my flickr. I would be quite pleased.

Regarding Steampunk - as you might know it is a genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The more historical Steampunk genre has a more SF flavor and the writings are often set in an alternative Victorian or Edwardian Era.

These eras, along with the writings of authors such as Gibson, Sterling, and China Meiville are often sources of my inspiration for my jewelry. I like to combine some fantastical elements. Often I play with a few themes in the jewelry: A Clockwork Garden - as a friend said my works look like something from "the Gardens of Broken Time". Imagine an alternate world of metal creations where creatures of steam and metal take flight. This was the inspiration of many of my Insect pieces. I'm also considering some ideas of a Celestial Clockwork series. there's a piece that was the start of it called "Fly me to the Moon" which will be the first in the series.

Karen Mowrey said...

I came here and what did I see?
found some art that shows a bee...
if you don't mind,
I would like the world to see,
a link, a picture, in a post from me!

Smile you have "bee"n spotted! I do a weekly bee spotting post and would like to show you off in my next post, usually every Tuesday. If you wish not to bee featured, let me know ASAP!!


Clockwork Zero said...

Hello Karen!

Oh how wonderful it would be
to be featured in a post by thee :D

sorry, my poetry is Terrible!
and i've only had one cup of coffee.

I would be thrilled.
thank you!