Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving Steampunk jewelry - Spinning Monster! Yes, Here there be monsters!

Today I finished uploading a beautiful (to me) necklace that moves so very well, I had to go out and YouTube it. found some "music" - by NorthbyNorthwest. just some mood stuff to replace the dead air sound. lol

"Here there be Monsters" is an unusual themed piece of steampunk jewelry full of detail and charm. It is part of an old pocket watch that has a wave pattern around the base that was the inspiration.It is very detailed piece that has a beautifully engraved balance. The hairspring on it is intact and the balance wheel spins easily as it gets touched by a finger. The engraving is also on part of the movement plate - and the fine patterning on metal is also called Damaskeening. Often the older watch pieces get damaged - especially the hairsprings - but this one is wonderful and should be carefully spun.

So I'm making up some of the more rare and unusual pieces - and obtaining dates where I can. Getting dates on some pieces is a royal PITA. Why? Well - Waltham pieces for example - have serial numbers but there isn't a easy way to go through them. What needs to be done involves going to the Waltham site - and manually looking through the records. The records are actually just photos of the serial numbers someone wrote down a hundred years ago or so.

Its cool but tiresome. I have one beautiful movement (partial) and it appears to be serial 9006663 - which was made sometime in Sept-October of 1874. hows that for cool?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Commission the win! Clockwork Beetle in Flight

Well, turns out that the guy had gone on vacation for a few weeks. I am so relieved!

He bought the 2nd Clockwork Insect I made - and I'm posting it off now.


In the meantime I was feeling quite geeky. Must be missing the old tech support job or something. So I was playing with EPROMS. I'm making a series: Dancing Cybermen - of brooches. Not just brooches but Super Geek Robot brooches - and turning those old EPROMs into jacket pins. They are uberly geeky.

They kind of dance too = jiggly legs and arms. So you know - an EPROM is a Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, is a type of computer memory chip that retains its data when its power supply gets turned off.

And this one is an intel made in 1982!