Wednesday, February 21, 2007

deleted old post. I'm more into steampunk jewelry now.

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another deletion of an old entry.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Painted Box update

So mom has been busy lately. These boxes on average take many hours to make but she's now got a few. One seems though to have become a bit warped (the cover) so it won't be up for sale. This has to do with the base she used - the non-sealer. Since that little foray the others though have been fine.
This wooden box is just a little sample. Bright and cheerful, those yellow hills are sun-touched and yet also suggestive of the ripe harvest.
The box here has a quarter in the bottom. Just to give an idea of scale. They are a few inches thick. I'll have to visit her and get the exact dimensions.
What is really great is that these painted boxes would be good to wall mount. Simply close them - and then mount them on a wall. They then look more like painted pictures vs boxes (you could even leave something private inside). The sides of this one are painted as well.
Mom's hoping to get $50 Canadian for them. I'm hoping too. After her expenses and the time it takes to paint one that probably means she's making about $6 / hr. sigh. Art!