Friday, July 11, 2008

New steampunk jewelry!

wow! been an age since I've had the time to post here.
I've been really really working hard on a lot of new steampunk jewelry. Yes, clockworkzero's been a very very busy grrl. In addition to my steampunk earrings, brooches and necklaces I've been designing a line of cyberpunk jewelry.

You just don't see enough cyberpunk styled jewelry in my corner of the world :D
I love playing with all the beautiful machined parts - not just cogs, wheels and gears but actual part of computer and various equipment - thats what I adore about using electronic parts in my work.

This particular vacuum tube is really lovely. I made/ designed a special chain for it that really works. There is something very cyberpunk imho about it.

In addition to the Cyberpunk jewelry I've been making more "traditional" steampunk jewelry too. For some reason though, I'm not able to put up any more photos right now. :D so looks like I'll be posting again soon!