Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: FUNDRAISER for HAITI - Auction piece...

I finally finished and photographed the piece I'd like to present to you, my very tiny audience, up for Auction. 90% of the money raised here will go towards the Red Cross - towards the assistance of those in need after the Haitian earthquake.

First.. a few details about how this will work. The Auction bids close on Sunday January 24th at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. The highest bid wins the Auction. I will pay for the postage to any of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France or Japan. Outside of that we'll have to see ... I know how much it is to send to these countries so that simplifies things for me. The bid winner and I can figure out details if necessary.

Final bid closest to 9pm Eastern Standard time wins. That person paypals me the money. I will take 90% of that and donate it to the Red Cross. I'll make some kind of post / proof of it when I confirm the payment. Should the highest bidder fail to make payment - then it goes to the 2nd highest etc etc. (I reserve the right to tweak this a bit if necessary).

Second: What do you get? See the details below. Paid shipping, a custom designed necklace with a chain, and the knowledge that you are getting something cool AND helping. This piece is named,"Swift Wings to Haiti" - because of the outpouring of prayers and thoughts that have gone to this poor island. As I said, 90% or so will go straight towards the relief efforts.

Third: Where do you make your bids? HERE. On this post. everything should get date / time stamped. Just make a Comment....


Currently the bidding (just leave a comment in this blog with your bid) is at $40~! Thanks Ninde for starting this auction so strongly.

If you don't like it, or don't want to bid, or don't think its a deal, or whatever... no probs. I would ask that you spread the word if you can. That would be great. Maybe someone else You know will like it. Twitter about it. Post about it. Mention it. Hopefully someone will love it enough.

DETAILS About this Creation...
The intaglio was special ordered and is a vintage intaglio that is glass, and was hand painted. I believe it dates from the 1950's. I chose the sailing ship as it is a beautiful piece, hard to find, and appropriate for the island - and all those who are sailing to her rescue. The Compass is sterling silver. It represents the people from around the world who are sending money, prayers and thoughts to Haiti. The wings represent the prayers and hopes, and of course angels too.

The pocket watch base has lovely patterning on it - a star field like design. I've set layers of small gears around the piece - behind and above the compass. There are a few watch jewels as well. The wings are silver plated, and have lovely detail. The pocket watch base, from a swiss pocket watch is on 4cm round - about 1.6 inches. I'm including a nickel-free chain that is 15.5 inches or so long.

Regards to you all, ClockworkZero

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay, so those who know me, know I do a few fundraisers. Usually I just donate something that I've made towards events... But organizing an event takes ages. I would really prefer to get some money donated to This time I'll just do the fundraising myself and send the cash to a charity.

I will admit I almost started to cry seeing our Governor General, Michaƫlle Jean on TV yesterday. I've always admired the woman. She was born in Haiti, and has an adopted daughter from Haiti as well.

I'm going to start making something Very Special - steampunk jewelry wise - for one item for Auction........... and better get my arse in gear for it. In the meantime I do have a piece I've been working on that is pretty cool. I'll try and put it up tomorrow - get some photos done - complete it.

Right now, for the moment, I'll donate $5.00 out of any sale on etsy. Starting with the one that sold yesterday. :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Steampunk Fashion Shoot - Auxiliary Magazine February 2010!

Personally, 2009 ended with a whimper and started with a Bang!
I contracted some kind of viral stomach contagion from TheHusband. First I looked after him, and we thought it was food poisoning. No such luck (!?) - since on the 30th I started getting sick. I won't describe it. Far too horrible.

After 3 days in bed though I had to get my shaking, quivering arse over for a photoshoot that prominently featured my jewelry. I was working with Tasha from Pretty Deadly Stylz who asked if I can provide some of the Steampunk Jewelry for the photos. Since I had spent weeks working on things for this shoot - at least 15 pieces - I figured sick or near dead - I better get there. It was also a balmy -25C out. lovely.

Anyway, I arrived at the location - an artist's studio - and the PhotoShoot was InProgress. There were 2 models, 1 Hair Stylist, 2 Make Up Artists (MUA's), the Photographer, and Tasha - The Stylist. A Wardrobe had been up - Racks of clothes - tables of make-stuff, a small shoe store had been gutted to provide shoes, and of course Lights, Bounces and Set.

Holy Crap, I thought, wtf am I doing here??? Me. artist/jewelry-maker, normal person.
I had brought the cases of jewelry and a bunch of tools to lengthen/shorten/adjust and create-on-the-spot work. Good thing too since I ended up doing a lot of that for the next several hours.

Evidently the photos look Fantastic. We'll find out in February when Auxiliary Magazine puts out the issue. I can't wait!