Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay, so those who know me, know I do a few fundraisers. Usually I just donate something that I've made towards events... But organizing an event takes ages. I would really prefer to get some money donated to This time I'll just do the fundraising myself and send the cash to a charity.

I will admit I almost started to cry seeing our Governor General, Michaƫlle Jean on TV yesterday. I've always admired the woman. She was born in Haiti, and has an adopted daughter from Haiti as well.

I'm going to start making something Very Special - steampunk jewelry wise - for one item for Auction........... and better get my arse in gear for it. In the meantime I do have a piece I've been working on that is pretty cool. I'll try and put it up tomorrow - get some photos done - complete it.

Right now, for the moment, I'll donate $5.00 out of any sale on etsy. Starting with the one that sold yesterday. :D

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Lena (Aly) said...

I want to say that I think what you've decided to do for fund raising is wonderful.