Monday, February 1, 2010

New steampunk jewelry Designs for 2010

Well, it looks like February 2010 will bring a new selection of designs into my small range of steampunk jewelry designs. I've been working on a much more "industrial" look, thanks to a customer who wrote to me asking if I could create some "masculine, industrial cufflinks".

The first series, I've not quite decided on a term/name for yet. It will be using a lot more modern parts - think nuts and bolts and washers. Strong geometrics. There will be a minimum of watch parts, gears and "steam" elements, though if I can find some real brass bits, I might include those.

This will be primarily focused on pieces for men - heavier chain, more industrial chunky pieces, Hardware Punk... a very Dieselpunk selection. I know it can be worn by women as well, I'll be wearing some of it and already some preliminary pieces were worn by some models... but it will be much heavier and machined. I've showed sketches and actual pieces to some of the guys I know and had a hugely positive reaction.

"Industrial Victorianna" is the next line of jewelry. It will be VERY gear-oriented. The gears will be larger clock gears, all brass, with some silver "pretty" elements thrown into the mix. The main theme is again the mechanical aspects of the work - the gears and a small selection of hardware - but as well some little symbols that were developed during the Victorian period. I'm going to include in this line some of the "gear only" jewelry, until I can figure out a name for the line.

During the Victorian times there were many symbols that represented a variety of ideals. There's probably hundreds of sites online that discuss the "Meaning of Flowers". But the Victorians also loved to adorn their gravestones with a huge variety of decorations - each one with meanings.

A good example of Victorian imagery is often tied in with religious ideas. The flame often denotes eternity, keys often stand for (spiritual) knowledge or the means to enter heaven, flowers convey love, grief, happiness and a variety of emotions.

I suppose, if one were to imagine a single symbol that represents steam, it might certainly be the Gear.

The necklace here is made with some stunning large brass clock gears. They are quite thick (2?3?mm or so), which means they won't bend or distort. They are a nice light brass colour right now but I hope over the years they will darken as they get worn, creating a patina. Won't that be nice!

Haiti Fundraising update...

Just a quick update.

The necklace went for $40 to a good customer I know. :D She'll be paying me this week and I'll send the cash off to the Red Cross.

Next, the $5 / per sale of stuff on esty = 13 x5 = $65

so the total for January in contributions will be $105.
Not bad.

I'll be making a piece for the "Hearts for Haiti" fundraising that Etsy is doing as well. Photos will need to be taken. I think I have a few pieces in mind.