Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Steampunk Fashion Shoot - Auxiliary Magazine February 2010!

Personally, 2009 ended with a whimper and started with a Bang!
I contracted some kind of viral stomach contagion from TheHusband. First I looked after him, and we thought it was food poisoning. No such luck (!?) - since on the 30th I started getting sick. I won't describe it. Far too horrible.

After 3 days in bed though I had to get my shaking, quivering arse over for a photoshoot that prominently featured my jewelry. I was working with Tasha from Pretty Deadly Stylz who asked if I can provide some of the Steampunk Jewelry for the photos. Since I had spent weeks working on things for this shoot - at least 15 pieces - I figured sick or near dead - I better get there. It was also a balmy -25C out. lovely.

Anyway, I arrived at the location - an artist's studio - and the PhotoShoot was InProgress. There were 2 models, 1 Hair Stylist, 2 Make Up Artists (MUA's), the Photographer, and Tasha - The Stylist. A Wardrobe had been up - Racks of clothes - tables of make-stuff, a small shoe store had been gutted to provide shoes, and of course Lights, Bounces and Set.

Holy Crap, I thought, wtf am I doing here??? Me. artist/jewelry-maker, normal person.
I had brought the cases of jewelry and a bunch of tools to lengthen/shorten/adjust and create-on-the-spot work. Good thing too since I ended up doing a lot of that for the next several hours.

Evidently the photos look Fantastic. We'll find out in February when Auxiliary Magazine puts out the issue. I can't wait!

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ArtSnark said...

very exciting! Hope you're feeling better soon