Thursday, December 17, 2009

Steampunk Jewelry in Toronto

So every once in a blue moon I do a Craft show around Toronto. Eons ago when I did them in Montreal they were fantastic. Toronto though has more of a mixed reaction. I'm not complaining though - I always sell something at the shows, even when people around me aren't.

Last week though I had a strange experience. A couple came over to me and asked if Iworked for another person. (Dave?? I can't remember). No, I make all my own stuff all by myself. Sometimes the cat keeps me company but mostly its me & parts.

"But your jewelry is a lot like his!"
"Well, not really. Your work is very nice."
"We should tell Dave(?) to come and see your stuff. He's going to be Furious. He'll be soooo angry! We should tell him to come see your stuff!"
um... no really. Perhaps you should NOT send Dave(?)-the-Enraged-Jeweler to come see my stuff. I really don't want to meet him anymore.
"Oh it will be FUN! He'll be really upset but he'll get over it!"

This coming Sunday I'll be at the TRANZAC - a little space just south of Bloor Street, at 292 Brunswick Ave. I'm going to have a bunch of new work there. I love the vibe at these craft shows - its always amazing to meet other crafts people.

Somehow though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to meeting Dave(?) though. If you hear about an incident at a craft show.. think of me.


MarysMadness said...

Don't you hate that?! So maybe it's the same theme, probably not the same stuff. You'll have to let us know if he comes around...

ClockworkZero said...

hopefully i will survive the experience. I'm sure its someone who uses gears or watch parts in their work. Well, many people do. lol. I did some stuff back in 92 with watch parts.

Still, sounds rather drastic. Toronto has some crazzzy people around. I was excited at first thinking to meet another artist and talk about their work. Not if they froth at the mouth though!