Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Commission the win! Clockwork Beetle in Flight

Well, turns out that the guy had gone on vacation for a few weeks. I am so relieved!

He bought the 2nd Clockwork Insect I made - and I'm posting it off now.


In the meantime I was feeling quite geeky. Must be missing the old tech support job or something. So I was playing with EPROMS. I'm making a series: Dancing Cybermen - of brooches. Not just brooches but Super Geek Robot brooches - and turning those old EPROMs into jacket pins. They are just........................so uberly geeky.

They kind of dance too = jiggly legs and arms. So you know - an EPROM is a Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, is a type of computer memory chip that retains its data when its power supply gets turned off.

And this one is an intel made in 1982!

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