Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Steampunk Jewelry


Well, I'm updating this again. :D about time. Not sure if anyone knows or reads it anyway. I've got my livejournal blog under "Clockwork Zero" and my Flickr too. This is my blog where I can just discuss jewelry. In particular steampunk jewelry.

I've not been making Steampunk Jewelry for a long time. But I've been making jewelry in general for years. Over 15 years actually. and of course... once upon a time I had a bead shop too.
this means I have more materials than i have sense. heh.

Making Steampunk bijoux - jewelry - means I can combine my favorite things: Science Fiction and jewelry. All my work is for sale, and right now I'm having issues keeping up with the demand.

When i'm not making jewelry i'm out taking photos or doing urban exploration. I also do tech support. What a crazy life.


Katherine said...

I love this brooch! I've been enamored with steampunk art for several years - collecting images for the most part.

Clockwork Zero said...

Hi! thank you so much for the comment. A very good friend of mine bought it.

feel free to use the image = though it would be swell if you link it back to me some how.

i've got a lot more photos on:

and thank you for making my day!