Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Steampunk Earrings - Commissioned work

Well, I completed some commissioned earrings this weekend. It was great fun actually. I love getting to know people.. and then making special things for them. Much much fun. I do commissions when I can get the time. Usually they work out very well. I usually spend time getting to know the person via emails etc so that I know what they like.

This started out as a request for 1 earring - as the buyer only one pierced ear.
Basically, she named a few pieces that she liked, and we discussed. Which ear (right side)? Colour of her hair? preferences of materials and lengths. I tried to make them all slightly different.

So I sent off these ones and said: choose one.
She said she's going to buy all three, which made me actually laugh aloud since it hadn't occurred to me she'd like them all. I'd have a hard time choosing to be honest. Currently, I'm making her a 4th as well.

one of them has one of the wings I like so much. the middle one has that lovely amethyst and the last one has a tiny Glow-in-the-dark watch hand! yay for glow in the dark!

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