Friday, March 7, 2008

clockwork insects: my steampunk bugs

I don't think I really have had a chance to talk too much about the steampunk insects I'm working on. This one is the first, and so far the best. I do though plan on making a few small ones - only an inch or two across. Last night I was doing some soldering of old vintage brass onto old vintage watch pieces. This one though - the wings move - which makes it special I feel.

The drop is, I believe, Peridot, set in sterling silver. The shape worked best with this Steampunk Insect... suggesting beauty and danger. Perhaps a deadly drop of poison? I think it is a beautiful, dangerous clockwork insect. I'll have to see about designing a chain for it as well.
I love making steampunk jewelry. Makes my heart tick!

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Kinichi River Designs said...

Wow, that design is amazing! You have so much talent! :) Can't wait to see more!