Tuesday, March 4, 2008


yay! the Desolate Places Anthology is out finally. I'm one of the authors there... but i'm not saying who. lol. Yay! it is a science fiction short story about a technician who has to go into a ossarium - a bone yard, basically. The short story is called "Gifts of Bone".

anyway, thats the cover... it is really quite beautiful. I'm excited as all hell's get out. heh. my first published piece.

I get torn about making the jewelry sometimes because I feel like i should be writing. When I'm writing I sometimes think I should be making jewelry. But lucky for me - I can think about writing when I'm doing the steampunk jewelry. I'm thrilled anyway.

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Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

How exciting - your first published piece. My dad is a writer and has been published several times in one of his favorite magazine - only he never tells us when this happens (he's shy, or so he says).