Friday, November 13, 2009

On the Front Page on Etsy! minature working telescope!

Well, thanks to people who let me know :D it was 6am... lol. And at that time I was sort of asleep listening to my husband breaking something in the kitchen which turned out to be our coffee pot! :Sob: No coffee.. but Front Page!
Craftcult has a widget and you can find out if you've been featured on the front Page on etsy. What I hadn't realized was that the Mini Telescope was featured there once before!!

I had been speaking with my husband about "things we want" and a telescope was one of them. An amazing telescope... but here in the city its hard to see the stars. Anyway that compelled me to find someone who had a few for sale and I got them all. They were in pretty rough condition (some of them) - with lose glass - dirty glass (an actual fingerprint!) and some terrible goop. I disassembled them and voila! I found an awesome chain that is a great match and added some vintage charms.

I suspect it is the photo. It was a real trick taking it but I use an old Canon G6 with a flip out screen and a macro lens attachment.

and it seems.. alas.. i can't show you the photos of it. sigh. I'll try and figure something out!

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