Monday, September 7, 2009

jewel beetle wings and other steampunk things

I spent a part of yesterday drilling out beelte wings. They really look fantastic. Plus.. i love drilling things - funny but true. I even made myself a version of this necklace ::GASP:: = something I rarely do.

The colours are really stunning. I never thought I would wear chrome green.. lol. its GREEN but how amazing really. Depending on the light there is hints of yellow as well as hints of an incredible blue.

I have been really busy this weekend. I even got a fanpage up on Facebook - shocking but true! so far a few of my friends/ ex-coworkers have joined which is kind of fun.


TicketyBoo Jewellery said...

beautiful, i've ordered a bag of these ....i doubt they will turn out as gorgeous as yours

Anonymous said...

how do you make these?

ClockworkZero said...

Hey Emma!
well... I didn't make the wings themselves - these are entirely natural and have been used for hundreds of years as decoration.

I do though coat the inside to help keep them strong. You can't see the inside though in the photos. I figure a bit of extra protection doesn't hurt.

They are naturally as strong as your fingernails are - maybe a bit more brittle though (depends on your nails i guess). Because of the strength they can be drilled. I have a small drill press I use.