Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CyberPunk Teminator sculpture: Spiny Rat skull - something completely different!

Sometimes it isn't just about jewelry - it is about creating something radical and different... I guess this qualifies. Natural history..or perhaps Un-natural History? Well, you won't find this on etsy - it sold before it was even completed. lol

The concept here encompasses the mythos of the "Terminator" movie series. Why restrict the creation of cyber-monsters to humans? Here this skull shows a bit of steampunk and cyberpunk influences - two genres of Science Fiction that have influenced countless movies. This piece was has a strong literary influence as well - this was inspired by a short story by Kat Eason, where rats and re-engineered werewolves fight among the remains of a future city.

This skull is from a South American spiny rat (family Echimyidae). I carefully wired the jaws to open and close and the wires come through the where the optic nerves were - and thread through the base of the skull. All together it took about 15 hours to complete. Tiny watch parts were set into the bone, including two watch rubies.

I really love how the teeth look in the profile piece. You can see how deep they are set into the skull. Science fiction and a love of intricate and tiny things has influenced my life - not just in what I read but what I create. Steampunk jewelry but also the cyberpunk sculpture as well.

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