Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MIA one Steampunk Jeweller...

well I been MIA for a while now - not just on the Blog but in life too. Maybe I'm hitting that age where I start to fall apart and then need cyborg parts? ... perhaps not quite yet! Actually its a bunch of kidney related issues but I'm hoping those will pass (ha!) soon.

Anyway, since i've not been feeling well I thought I would do a collage of some of the more recent steampunk jewelry that I've been creating. It's an okay collage - most of the stuff is still up on etsy (http://www.clockworkzero.etsy.com/) right now. A few pieces are going to be up and as of 20 min ago one of them (the flower) is prob going to be sold.

Its been a slow month so far on etsy. amazingly slow. I suspect because all the little things I do to keep it going haven't happened. No real updates, no new work. But now
that I'm feeling a bit better.. its time to get rolling again.

So in the collage starting at the top: Beetle wing necklace, a dragonfly in flight against a large clock gear, one of the cyberpunk Industrial necklaces - this one made from part of a cash register, The Claw (recycled chainsaw blade and a pocket watch piece), lovely unusual patterned brass pocket watch piece with vintage glass drop, a smaller "honeycomb" made from recycled hardware and layers of industrial glue, Vacuum Tube necklace, Dangerous queen's necklace, another vacuum tube necklace but with some longer glass tubes, Pocket Watch Bunny - part of my steampunk Alice series, 3 locket lockets, pretty watch face with brass flowers.


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