Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Steampunk Jewelry update

I'm finally getting the chance to write and update my etsy site with some new steampunk jewelry. Its not been easy. I'm getting over bronchitis. yuck.

Still, I've got some wonderful new materials, and have started using some of my treasures. Treasures you say? yes, steampunk jewelry treasures! I have some great materials - but finding the time and inspiration has been a challenge.

This piece feels really inspired though to be honest. It is made with a wonderful fused quartz glass tube that was originally used in stop-motion photography. Although it is glass - it is very sturdy because originally a current was used to trigger this bright flash. The shape of it makes for a stunning pendant. I've already sold 2 of a similar design....... and omg! one of my customers was so thrilled she sent me a present!!! how cool is that? Amazing! heh. AND the other lady wrote today to say she loves it very much and has sent me a commission.

::does a happy dance::

I designed a very silvery based chain made with bits of industrial hardware, similar to the designs of my Vacuum Tube pendants.

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Miss Ladybird said...

I love this! wonderful fusion of fragile and solid comonents, marvelous!
do have a look at my pieces too ;0
Emilly ladybird