Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scary Steampunk Halloween jewelry by clockworkzero

something scary for Hallowe'en... tiny jaws from some unknown animal that were quite old.
The watch parts already reminded me of jaws or claws. Since I did the "Art that scares you" fundraiser I thought of these.

Anyway, there is something very cyborg like in these pieces. what is nice about these crazy, scary pendants is that they are 2 sided. so you can wear them either way. something like a bone sculpture.

Ah well... can you tell I'm a fan of the Terminator movies.. the first 2 anyway. And yeup, the series as well.

I've got a friend who is looking up what kind of bone. I'll let you know.

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Stormslegacy said...

How pretty! I'm pretty sure the jaw bone is that of a cat, from the enlargened premolar.

Your Steampunk Jewelery is lovely.